Mumbai cuisine

Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is a bustling metropolis and is the fourth most populous city in the world. With the highest GDP in India, Mumbai is every Indian's urban dream. The culture of this metro city is a boisterous blend of cuisines, languages, food, fine arts, cinema and festivals. The city-dwellers, often labeled as the 'Mumbaikars', lead a very fast-paced life and spend a significant time of their lives commuting from one place to another. Apart from being one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the country, Mumbai promises a high-adrenaline, foot-tapping, diverse city life to all inhabitants. Food and the festivals are the most important facets of Mumbai's culture. Every Mumbaikar is passionate about the local street-fare and the lavish celebrations like Ganesh Chathurthi, Diwali, Christmas and Eid. Since the metropolitan is observing modern trends, the caste, creed and color of people take a backseat in this city, and the fun-loving mentality breaks all boundaries. 

Mumbaikars are very passionate about their local cuisines. Since the city is so diverse, a lot of cuisines have been adopted and transformed into mouthwatering dishes that are now considered unique to Mumbai.
Mumbai is a wonderful city and also a culturally diverse one. The city promises some heavenly street food that includes a wide range of appetizers, seafood dishes, chaats, traditional Maharashtrian and Konkani dishes and desserts! Visit Mumbai and get ready to be taken on an extraordinary culinary journey.
Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city known for its many lip-smacking dishes. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the dishes in Mumbai boast of rich taste, fieriness and impressive flavors. The cuisine of Mumbai covers a large assortment of interesting, authentic dishes and zesty seafood dishes.
Mumbai is a coastal city with a long history of fish trade, as the city's natives were 'Kolis' or fishermen. For this reason, seafood is an essential culinary must-have that forms an important part of Mumbai cuisine. There are plenty seafood restaurants in Mumbai that serve a range of delicious seafood dishes. Some of the main seafood items offered in Mumbai include fish koliwada, tisriya masala, prawn tikki, fish thali, chanak fish fry, bangda tikhale, surmai fish curry, and Bombil fish fry.


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