Mughlai cuisine

Mughlai cuisine consists of dishes developed in the medieval Indo-Persian cultural centres of the Mughal Empire. It represents a combination of cuisine of the Indian subcontinent with the cooking styles and recipes of Central Asian and Islamic cuisine. Mughlai cuisine is strongly influenced by the Turkish cuisine of Central Asia, the region where the early Mughal emperors originally hailed from, and it has in turn strongly influenced the regional cuisines of Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.The tastes of Mughlai cuisine vary from extremely mild to spicy, and are often associated with a distinctive aroma and the taste of ground and whole spices. A Mughlai course is an elaborate buffet of main course dishes with a variety of accompaniments.Although the ruling class and administrative elite of the Mughal Empire could variously identify themselves as Turani (Turkic), Irani (Persian), Shaikhzada (Indian Muslim) and Hindu Rajput, the empire itself was Indo-Persian, having a hybridized, pluralistic Persianate culture. Decorated Indo-Persian cookbooks and culinary manuscripts adorned the personal libraries of the Mughal elite, serving as both culinary guides and for aesthetic value.- List of Mughlai dishes Kolkata biryani Mutton/Chicken ChapMutton/Chicken PasindaTunde ke kabab Hyderabadi biryani HaleemKhichda KormaNihari-South Asian pilaf (first introduced by the Delhi Sultanate) SamosaBakarkhani Chicken tikka Lucknowi Biryani Tandoori chicken Aloo gosht (lamb/mutton and potato curry) Qeema matar (ground-lamb/ and pea curry) South Asian kofta Shahi paneer Shorba South Asian kebab (first introduced during Delhi Sultanate) Galawati kebab (soft, tender patty-like kebab first prepared by Haji Murad Ali of Lucknow) Bihari kebab (meat-chunks roasted in open flame) Kakori kebab (first prepared in Uttar Pradesh, India) Chapli kebab (first prepared by Pashtuns in the northwest frontier of India) Kalmi kebab Seekh kebab Shami kebab (first prepared by Syrian cooks in the Mughal era, "Shami" denoting their Syrian origin) Shikampur kebab (native to Hyderabad, India) Murgir kebab Tunde ke kabab Mughlai paratha Murgh musallam PasandaRezala (introduced to Bengal by the Mughlai sovereigns of Awadh and Mysore) Shahi Tukda Firni Sheer Khurma


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