Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchain Wala - Amritsar

Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchain Wala - Amritsar

Bhai Kulwant Singh, affectionately known as Bhai Ji, started small. In the 1940s, he set up a humble stall near the Golden Temple, armed with his mother's recipe and a tandoor (clay oven). He offered just a few types of kulchas, stuffed with potato, cauliflower, or paneer, alongside tangy onion chutney and spicy chickpeas. What set Bhai Ji apart was his unwavering commitment to quality. He used fresh, local ingredients, kneaded the dough with generations-old techniques, and perfected the art of baking in the tandoor. Word of his delicious kulchas spread like wildfire, drawing pilgrims, locals, and tourists alike. Today, Bhai Ji's legacy is carried forward by his family. The stall, now a small restaurant, still attracts long queues. They offer a wider variety of kulchas, but the core values of quality, tradition, and warmth remain unchanged.


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