Ali Hussain Sheermal - Lucknow

Ali Hussain Sheermal - Lucknow

Given that Lucknow has a plethora of rich Awadhi curries and gravies associated to its repute, having an array of bread options to soak it all up is only natural. Amidst all the available options of breads which were birthed here or have found popularity in the city, sheermal still continues to be a top-choice with any Mughlai main course!It is more of a regal bread which is found in almost every bazaar of old Lucknow and you'll find people pairing it with spicy qormas and kebabs to go along with it. But if you're looking for the best sheermal in town or perhaps the oldest shop, which brought this flatbread to life, then you should know about Ali Hussain Sheermal.


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