Wahid Biryani - Lucknow, Aminabad

Wahid Biryani - Lucknow, Aminabad

Wahid Biryani is an Awadhi Rice Dish made with the combination of 55 spices packets of ingredients, and these ingredients are the elegance of this Biryani. About 60 Years ago, Wahid Ali Qureshi born in a decent family, and started his small business and earned his name in the country and abroad, today Wahid Biryani has no need of any introduction. Now Wahid Biryani and its Mughlai Dishes has become the elegance of any grand festival of Lucknow, which is known as Pride of Owadh at Lucknow. Every year Wahid Biryani contribute in these festivals with their tasty and delicious dishes. Wahid Biryani was established in year 1955 and till now its Aroma and Taste have been remain the same as it was in year 1955.


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