tastes2Plate (t2p) - India's Most Trusted Intercity online Food Delivery App. Looking for a delicious food adventure through India's diverse cuisine? Look no further than our fast, reliable, affordable and fresh Intercity online food delivery app based service; delivering athentic iconic fresh dishes from different cities; the so called Food Capitals Of India.

About Tastes2Plate

Tastes2Plate is incepted in 2019 as an intercity online food delivery app based service provider which is capable of capturing the untapped Intercity Food Delivery market with the innovation in Packaging, supply chain mamagement and unparalleled quality of service in its offerings. The aforementioned qualities did played a pivotal role in the exceptional growth achieved by the company within three & half years of its operational period in online food delivery app based service. Tastes2plate has achieved multiple milestones in innovating the packaging & with utalizing the technology in logistics for online food delivery app based service in India.

Packaging of tastes2plate is the USP which retains the moisture in food which is responsible for food taste. The cold chain mechanism ensures the food maintains a certain temperature without loosing the moisture. tastes2plate is able to deliver regional delicacies across the country, while ensuring quality and freshness creating a new segment in India’s online food delivery app based service. So why settle for bland, generic food when you can experience the real flavors of India? Order from tastes2plate's trusted Intercity online food delivery app based service today and give your taste buds to a delicious adventure!

Why Tastes2Plate?

Whether you're in the mood for a spicy biryani from Hyderabad, iconic Dal Makahani from Amritsar, Punjab, mouth watering Pyaz Kachori of Jaipur or authentic sweets from land of sweet, Kolkata; tastes2plate is the right place to get it through its online food delivery app. With tastes2plate easy online food delivery app based system & trusted service, anyone can enjoy a food journey through India from the comfort of sitting in own home.

  • Authentic / Iconic foods from different cities of India through tastes2plate online food delivery app
  • Fresh foods delivered in 18-24 hours
  • Lowest Intercity Shipping Price on tastes2plate online food delivery app
  • Innovative Packaging with Cold Chain Logistics which keeps the food Fresh upto 96+ hours

Tastes2plate Achievements

In approximately 4 years of intercity online food delivery app journey, tastes2plate has achieved many industry first milestones

1. Integrated and optimised, Order till Delivery Business Process Mapped IT application with integrated Logistics Management and real time order status updates to customer as SMS and WhatsApp message. A new in online food delivery app

2. Well researched packaging which is capable to maintain zero moisture transmission for 72+ hours; through which the food retains its original taste, aroma and flavour. It has created a buzz in Intercity online food delivery app based delivery system

3. Own in-house designed and developed cold chain supply chain management solution with all needed products for cold chain operation is manufactured inhouse by tastes2plate.

All the above ensures to reduce the cost of Delivery to customer and achieve the intercity delivery @in-city Delivery Price in Intercity online food delivery service.


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